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If you want to get better answers, you should -


1. Make sure you're only asking a single question: don't ask "What is a swan and where to find it". Ask instead - "What is a swan?" and after you get the answer, ask "Where can I find swans?"


2. State clearly what you need! If you want more comprehensive and exhaustive answers, then ask - "What is a comprehensive and exhaustive description of a swan?" Similarly, if you want several answers, you can ask - "What are the five main characteristics of a swan?" Remember you can always press the button again to get an answer more suitable for your purposes!

3. If you want Doctor Llama to answer questions about a certain book (including the bible), be sure to include the book's name and relevant chapters in the question. "How are horned owls described in Deuteronomy 14:16?"

4. Do not ask about current events. Doctor Llama is only knowledgeable about history up to 2020 or so.

5. Remain skeptical! Remember that Doctor Llama is not always accurate - and may occasionally be completely wrong. It is often insensitive and may provide answers that are far from being politically correct... or correct at all, if you really try to confuse the Doctor. It has, after all, been trained on much of the data from the web and literature, with all their biases. It is up to YOU to check the answers - the Doctor is merely here to help. And be forgiving towards it: we're constantly working on improving it.

Doctor Llama is an AI engine that helps students of all ages with their homework. 
Paste a homework question to receive an answer that is based on all the data from the internet!
Remember to exercise common sense - we're still in development phase, and can't promise that the AI will always get it right!

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Maintaining the AI isn't cheap

Help us keep the Doctor up!

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About Us

We believe that education should be free for all, and that students of all ages  and social classes should be able to enjoy the benefits of private tutelage. To realize that dream we have created Doctor Llama: an AI-powered private tutor, that can tell you whether or not you reached the right answer in your homework.

We constantly expand the engine's capabilities and accuracy, and are working on additional tools to help students reach mastery of the material they're being asked about.

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